Qualifying for a Loan – What do I need to Qualify?

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Before you start searching for your new home, the first step is to speak with a lender and determine your budget. This is being pre-qualified for a loan. Once you find the right home, then your lender will order an appraisal of the property and complete your financing. If this is your first home purchase, [...]

Negotiating for Top Dollar

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Negotiating for Top Dollar Selling your home? Every seller wants to make sure they sell their home for the best possible sales price. Getting top dollar for your home is not as complicated as you might think. By using a simple negotiation strategy, you can make sure receive the best price for your home listing. [...]

Home Improvements with High ROI

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Is your house a little dated? Do you want to make some improvements or upgrades but also want to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck if you decide to sell? Not all home improvements bring a good return on investment when selling, so unless the improvement is simply for your [...]

Appraisals Explained

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Appraisals are one of the most confusing aspects of buying or selling real estate for the consumer. When a buyer and seller agree on a sales price, it can be frustrating to hear that the appraisal came in with a value too low. It’s not enough for the principals to agree to the price, the [...]

Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends

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Summer is upon us and home designers are hard at work showcasing the upcoming trends for 2020. This year, kitchen design shows are filled with new materials, patterns and colors as enthusiasts look for the latest trends and styles. As we leave the dark granite countertops behind, kitchens are getting lighter, brighter and more streamlined [...]

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