Buyers and Sellers – Stay Focused on Your Goal

By |2024-01-02T21:14:39+00:00July 26th, 2021|Buyers, Sellers|

Buying or selling a home can be stressful, even in normal times. Right now, when the housing market is moving at a frantic pace, both buyers and sellers are making quick decisions and are feeling extreme pressure. As the tension rises, it can be easy to overlook the end goal; right-sized home, relocation, dream home, [...]

Can an Expensive Home Still be Affordable?

By |2024-06-12T17:54:27+00:00July 19th, 2021|Buyers|

Real estate prices across the country have increased dramatically in the past year. With increases in the 10-12% range, many potential homebuyers have given up and decided that homes are just too expensive to consider. While homes have become more expensive, it does not mean they are unaffordable.Would you believe that we are experiencing a [...]

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